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Caitlyn Jenner and you may Donald Trump: Two Egomaniacal Peas inside an excellent Pod

Jenner loved transphobe Trump, after that claimed she failed to, today she’s the help of its their vile previous cluster in her work on to possess governor.

We typed concerning insincerity away from his disclosure, which today ends up a cabinet eliminate dependent doing fame and you can money. Ah, is privileged!

Former *NYSNC vocalist Lance Trout assented you to Underwood was “monetizing” the experience. The guy continued to say, “When you first emerge, a lot of people . don’t know about the Lgbt society. They don’t understand what the problems is actually, they have no idea since the they’ve been very split of that deliberately.” The guy advised Underwood, yet, in order to “sit-down, tune in and you can learn.”