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Pharmacists’ Perspective on the Repurposing Medication while the Contraceptives

The latest audio files was indeed transcribed into detail by detail summaries of your own interviews and concentrate group discussions. The concept off structured choices (TpB) (18) given build to possess interpreting investigation about FGDs and interview. According to the idea, people choices try guided because of the around three kinds of factors: viewpoints regarding the probably effects of the fresh choices plus the analysis of those effects, (behavioral beliefs); opinions in the normative hopes of someone else and you can desire so you’re able to comply with this type of expectations (normative thinking), and thinking about the visibility off points which can helps otherwise delay overall performance of your own decisions, as well as the thought of stamina of these issues (handle beliefs). IA, KK, and you will NK reviewed the latest guides, study out-of notice groups, and you may interview right after which created a good codebook spanning deductive and you will inductive rules. Deductive rules have been centered on key issues handled within the interviews when you’re inductive rules was according to emerging templates. The data research are complete by the IA and KK using Atlas.Ti (variation 8). Studies was separately coded and chatted about to handle inconsistencies otherwise disagreements when you look at the programming.


The research put study regarding FGD having 17 women and you may 7 men undergraduate people. The feminine student pupils were an average of twenty-two-years of age, single with no children, and you will generally (letter = 12; 70%) into the a partnership.