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So is it genuine? Are Eastern Europeans unfriendly?

Men and women are usually stating that Eastern Europeans was unfriendly. I met a-south African pair has just in the Croatia which said one to Croatians is “nasty”, a beneficial Nicaraguan partners into the Kyiv exactly who said that Ukrainians is actually “not very lovely”, an american pair within the Sofia one to complained one Bulgarians was “arrogant”. I notice it non-stop for the Travel Mentor, anyone whining you to definitely solution in such-and-for example bistro is actually “rude and unfriendly”. I have actually had better-flew household members (with travelled mostly into the West European countries) tell me an identical regarding Hungarians and you may Czechs.

Try East Europeans unfriendly?

Having invested a lot of time during the Main and you will East Europe – and you may originating from America – I am able to see why individuals have you to definitely effect from Eastern Europeans*. They frequently never laugh, try sudden, and you may services are “exposed skeleton”.

* I’m without a doubt generalizing: “Central” and you will East European countries coverage of numerous places and there try distinctions one of for each. However,, generally, one impression off Eastern Europeans is valid while in the.

As soon as we left Canada 5 years ago i compensated regarding the suburbs out-of Prague (District 8) getting 90 days.