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Very zero, I am not surprised you to Jamie Clayton is actually matchmaking Keanu Reeves if it’s true

Let us getting real, Jamie is but one glamorous woman, and you can sooner anyone was going to romantically action so you’re able to the lady. .It’s not including boys inside Hollywood have not been averse to help you relationship trans ladies, they certainly were this in older times and still try.

Thus no, relationship a beneficial trans girl doesn’t build a beneficial cis boy homosexual

Regrettably one of those matchmaking was towards the off lower, and if new paparazzi and/or papers in the end caught up having them, this new trans woman do score thrown beneath the coverage bus.

I’m hoping that if this is certainly correct, that it brings out a discussion concerning the guys whom love us in and out Trans Community. It’s you to definitely we have necessary to enjoys for quite some time.

What you are really doing after you declare that was erase brand new femininity of your trans girl involved and you can misgendering the girl, and that’s great transphobic people should you therefore.

Adventurous another boy, trans or cis really does.